Mega Ball is an innovative live dealer gameshow combining elements of lottery drawings, bingo, and keno. Developed by Evolution Gaming, it sees players purchase virtual number cards attempting to match randomly drawn balls for cash prizes made even more lucrative by randomly awarded multipliers up to 100x. This wildly popular game is accessible right now at Betway, playable on both desktop and mobile.

Overview of MegaBall Game

It is a casino game featuring a live croupier drawing numbered balls that players try to match against virtual bingo-style cards they purchase each round. Matches payout based on the number of completed lines, with randomly generated 5-100x multipliers adding extreme anticipation and ratcheting up potential winnings when hitting the “Mega Ball”. The gameplay is simple, fast, and incredibly exciting.

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How It Works

Now that you know the basics, let’s dive deeper into how Mega Ball delivers its captivating and even addictive gameplay.

Game Mechanics

Each round utilizes an automated ball drawing machine that selects numbered balls randomly to call out and drive the action. Here’s an overview:

  • Machine contains balls numbered 1-70
  • Players purchase virtual cards with 24 random numbers
  • Host draws 20 balls to start matching numbers on cards
  • Multipliers between 5x-100x randomly generated
  • Mega Ball” applied if line is completed for even bigger wins

Throughout the round, drawn numbers are automatically daubed on your cards, with near-wins bubbled up to the top to build anticipation. It keeps the pace of the game fast and intense!

Winning Payouts

The number of matching balls that form lines on your cards determines the payouts:

Number of LinesPayout
1Minimum 100x bet
2Up to 500x bet
3Up to 5,000x bet
4Up to 25,000x bet
5Up to 100,000x bet
6+Up to 1,000,000x bet

Then, if the “MegaBall” caps off one of those lines, the randomly generated 5-100x multiplier is applied on top to really send winnings into the stratosphere!

Factors Determining Payouts

While winning ultimately comes down to the randomly drawn numbers matching up with those on your purchased cards, there are some important factors to keep in mind that affect your potential payouts:

  • Number of cards bought – more ones equals more coverage
  • Value bet per card – higher wagers bring bigger wins
  • Hitting multiple lines – line up those numbers!
  • Catching the Mega Ball – snag that bonus multiplier

We’ll get more into strategy around these factors shortly. But first, a bit more on where you can play this red-hot game show.

Megaball on Betway website

Playing Mega Ball on Betway

While several online casinos offer this lively game show, we also can recommend enjoying it at Betway Casino. As one of the most renowned gambling sites catering to players across Europe, Canada, and other major markets, Betway provides a premier destination for MegaBall action.

Access to the Game

Getting into a session of this game only takes a few clicks:

  • Visit Betway casino site and login
  • Select “Live Casino” tab from main menu
  • Choose “Game Shows” filter on left side
  • Click icon for MegaBall
  • Start Playing!

Betway Account Requirements

As with most online casinos, you’ll need to sign up for a real money player account at Betway to access their full game selection.

The good news is registration only takes 2–3 minutes, and Betway offers new players terrific welcome bonuses like a 100% deposit match. This will give you extra funds to enjoy everything the casino has to offer.

Game Layout and Elements

Once you enter a live session of Mega Ball at Betway, you’ll see the following key game elements:


  • Virtual bingo-style cards purchased each round
  • Contains 24 random numbers between 1-70
  • Up to 200 cards can be played per round


  • Random 5-100x multipliers introduced during game
  • Applied to winnings if Mega Ball completes card line

Strategies and Tips to Enjoy the Game Fully

While it ultimately boils down to luck drawing the right ball numbers, there are some helpful strategies and tips to increase your odds and optimize gameplay.

Manage Your Budget

Carefully balance your total bankroll across multiple rounds instead of blowing your entire budget on a single game:

  • Set a gambling budget for your session
  • Split across at least 20 rounds
  • Wager small percentages per round (5% or less)
  • Protects your balance if hits a cold run

Tracking Number Frequencies

Take note of which number balls get drawn most often:

  • Keep tally of called numbers
  • Identify frequent ones
  • Incorporate into your card picks
  • Leverages tendency of RNGs

Buying Maximum Cards

More cards equals more coverage and chances at matches:

  • Buy maximum per round (200 cards)
  • Start at minimum per card
  • Scale up wagers as bankroll allows

Trying First Person Mode

Switch to virtual first-person view for added flexibility:

  • Computer-generated rounds
  • Set own pace, test strategies
  • Provides valuable practice before playing live table

While the game certainly involves plenty of luck, putting these gameplay tips into practice gives you a fighting chance to beat the house. 


How do I win money?

Match the randomly drawn numbers to ones on your cards to complete lines and win prizes. Multipliers up to 100x are added when the MegaBall completes a line for huge payouts.

What is the maximum payout?

You can win up to 1 million times your total bet if you fill an entire MegaBall card and catch the 100x multiplier.

Do the number balls and cards ever repeat?

No, every round features entirely new random combinations to keep gameplay unpredictable.

Can I play on mobile?

Absolutely! Betway offers dedicated iOS and Android apps with full access to MegaBall rounds.

Why can’t I access the game in my region?

It may be geo-restricted in certain areas due to local gambling regulations. Virtual slots or table games may still be accessible.

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