MegaBall is a new and exciting game that you can find on plenty of top-rated gambling sites. This lottery title involves a bingo-like format and has quickly gained popularity among the players around the world. The game was developed by Evolution Gaming, a reputable software provider with Crazy Time, Lightning Roulette, and Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt among other spectacular games in its offerings.

The following post will give you more insight into playing Mega Ball. We will uncover its main features, gameplay and what tips you can implement to level up your game!

How the MegaBall Machine Works?

At the start of each round, a large ball machine randomly selects 20 numbers out of 51 total balls. If any of the 20 numbers match a number on your card(s), they will be marked.

After the initial 20 numbers are drawn, 1 or 2 “Mega Balls” will be produced by the machine. These Mega Balls activate lucrative multipliers, enhancing your payout if you’ve matched the number they correspond to.

Understanding how the ball machine randomly selects numbers is key to grasping the live and unpredictable nature of Mega Ball (you can also check our guide on how to play on Betway).

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A Simple Guide on How to Play Mega Ball

Although Mega Ball may seem complicated initially, it is rather an easy game that combines thrill and rewards uniquely. Here is a simple guide for beginners:

  1. Buy Your Cards. The betting phase of the game starts where you choose your cards. Every card has 24 numbered squares and one central “WILD” square that is automatically counted as a win. You can buy several cards per round, up to 200, making the game suit your level of excitement.
  2. Understand the Bets. No matter if you are a high roller or playing on a budget, Mega Ball provides for all with R1 minimum bet and R1000 maximum bet.
  3. Watch the Draw: Now comes the fun part! A drum containing 51 balls is drawn with 20 balls being picked from them. These numbers are marked on your cards. If you were daring enough to have numerous cards, then no need to keep track since the game will do that for you by highlighting relevant numbers.
  4. The Mega Ball Magic: After the normal draw takes place, one or two Mega Balls come into play but only after they are multiplied. Every time you strike a winning line with your mega ball it gets multiplied, making winnings even sweeter. In case there are two mega balls, only the multiplier of the higher number counts.
  5. Win and Play Again: When all numbers have been drawn, the round ends and the winners are paid while another game begins.
One of the key features of Mega Ball is 100x multiplier

Completing Lines to Maximise Wins

To win payouts in Mega Ball, you’ll need to complete straight lines on your cards – horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Each card has 12 potential lines. The more lines you complete per card, the higher your prize value will be if that card wins. Securing cards with finished lines that also feature a Mega Ball number can dramatically increase earnings thanks to the random multipliers.

Aim to select cards with layouts making it easier to complete multiple lines. This will maximise your chances of winning payouts.

What is MegaBall 100x Multiplier?

If a Mega Ball matches a number on your card, any winning lines with that number get multiplied up to 100x! This is what makes Mega Ball so exciting – even a small win can suddenly become a huge payout.

What is the “WILD” space on a Mega Ball card?

The “WILD” space automatically counts as a winning spot, enhancing the possibility of creating a winning line.

How to Follow the Mega Ball Draw?

Pay close attention as the round plays out:

Game ElementsDescription
20 Numbers DrawnFill up your card with these drawn numbers.
Mega Ball SpinsSpecial multiplier balls in the game.
Matched NumbersThe system automatically marks your cards when numbers are matched.

Keep an eye out for Mega Ball matches! These trigger big multipliers.

Payouts in Mega Ball

If you want to get inside and see how the payouts take place, then this is for you. Here’s a quick breakdown to help you understand everything.

How It Works:

  • Your Winnings: Your rewards are tied to the number of lines you create on your card. More lines mean bigger prizes.
  • The Bonus: If a Mega Ball is part of your winning line, you’ll see those winnings multiply. It’s like hitting the jackpot in the middle of the game!

Payout Guide:

  • Six or More Lines: The sky’s the limit here with payouts ranging from 9999/1 to an astonishing 999999/1.
  • Five Lines: Still a big win territory with payouts from 999/1 to 99999/1.
  • Four Lines: Plenty to celebrate with payouts between 249/1 and 24999/1.
  • Three Lines: Respectable rewards from 49/1 to 4999/1.
  • Two Lines: Nice and steady, ranging from 4/1 to 499/1.
  • One Line: You’ll either push (get your stake returned) or win up to 99/1.

Each line that you make in this game will get you closer to winning great prizes. Every round has a chance of delivering exceptional wins because there is an extra thrill of the Mega Ball multiplier. The payout table is exciting for every level, whether you’re hoping for one line or are going for the full six or more.

Gameplay Mega Ball

Unpacking the Game Bonus Features

What makes this game so enticing is its thrilling bonus rounds which don’t just add spice but can actually elevate your earnings in a big way. See how it goes down:

The Bonus Round:

  • The Multipliers: In the bonus round, a multiplier ranging from 5x to 100x is applied to one of the 20 numbers drawn in the base game. If this number is part of the Mega Ball, any tickets with that number get a payout boost according to the multiplier.
  • Double Your Win: This bonus can be triggered up to twice in one round. Imagine having two Mega Ball multipliers on your winning tickets!
  • Eligibility: To qualify for this feature, you must have at least one successfully completed line on your card.

An Example to Illustrate:

  • You Win: Let’s say you have a winning ticket with a $1 bet and two completed lines, including number 23, leading to a base payout of $5.
  • Spinning the Multiplier Wheel: A spin triggers a 10x multiplier.
  • The Mega Ball Draw: Among the 20 numbers, 23 is picked as the Mega Ball.
  • The Result: The 10x multiplier is applied to the $5 win on your ticket, boosting it to $50.

Understanding Mega Ball RTP

The return-to-player (RTP) percentage indicates the theoretical average amount paid back to players over time. Mega Ball has an overall RTP of 95.5%.

This includes the base game payouts as well as results from the lucrative bonus multipliers. While the RTP provides an indication, your actual results will vary in the short term based on the inherent randomness in the game.

Entering Multiple Cards

While you can win playing just a single Mega Ball card, entering the maximum allowable cards (200 per round) significantly increases your odds.

The more cards you play, the higher probability of matching more numbers during the initial ball draw, completing lines, and catching Mega Ball multipliers. Yes, your total bet also rises, but so does your return potential.

Most experts suggest newcomers start with 10 or fewer cards to better understand the dynamics before scaling up. But serious players often deploy the maximum cards chasing huge bonuses.

Best Mega Ball Strategies to Win

Mega Ball is an exhilarating game

While Mega Ball involves substantial luck, certain tactics can raise your odds:

  • Play the maximum number of cards (200) to increase chances of matched numbers
  • Target key numbers on cards that enable more line completions
  • Bet higher amounts on rounds you feel luckier on to capitalize
  • Trigger the bonus round by completing at least one line for multipliers

Carefully utilizing these tips provides more ways to register wins. Though outcomes vary widely, boosting your probability pays off over time.


Can I play MegaBall on mobile devices?

Yes, Mega Ball is compatible with desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. You can adjust the streaming quality to fit your device and connection speed.

Are there any tips for new players?

New players may benefit from starting with small bets, purchasing a limited number of cards, and slowly experimenting with different strategies to find what works best for their playing style. Remember, the most crucial part is to have fun and gamble responsibly.

Can I purchase multiple cards?

Yes, you can purchase up to 200 cards in a single game round.

What makes the game so entertaining?

The dynamic nature of the game, combined with the excitement of potentially massive multipliers, makes Mega Ball one of the most engaging and rewarding live casino games out there.

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